How to tune kalimba!

Here are the single steps to tune your Kalimba:

You will need:

1. Your Kalimba (If you don't have one yet, you can find it here!)

2. Tuning Hammer (included with all Sonic Energy Kalimbas – except the Mini Kalimba)

3. Tuning App or Tuning Device

4. Silence

Now listen for notes that are out of tune

Each Kalimba key contains the corresponding note on it.

Now, start your tuning app or device and play each key one after the other. Dampen both nearby tones with your fingers so that no unwanted resonances occur.
If your tuning pointer is not centered on the note while playing the key, moves to the left or right of the actual note, you need to make some adjustments with your tuning hammer and correct it until it stays perfectly in the center.

Tuning up a tone

Lightly hit the key from below with the hammer until the required tone is displayed.

Tuning down a tone

Lightly hit the key from above with the hammer until the required tone is displayed.




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