Bose Professional expands loudspeaker line up with new AMM Multipurpose Loudspeakers

Bose Professional Expands Loudspeaker Offering with New AMM Multipurpose Loudspeakers, Delivering Powerful Audio Experiences with Purpose-built Versatility

Compact, High-output Models Deliver Signature Bose Sound Quality 

Bose Professional unveils the new AMM multipurpose loudspeaker line, comprised of two full-range loudspeakers — the AMM108 and AMM112 — and a companion subwoofer — the AMS115.

Featuring a coaxial two-way design, AMM loudspeakers are purpose-built to perform equally well in a variety of applications. They can be deployed as mains, monitors, fills or delays in temporary setups or permanent installations, such as houses of worship, music venues and auditoriums. Designed for peak flexibility, AMM108 and AMM112 loudspeakers can be deployed with a specific role in a system or used in multiple roles within the same system. Consistent voicing with the existing Bose AM array module line and Bose AMU utility loudspeaker line means system designers and installers can easily mix and match models from all three lines, saving time during system configuration.

Both the AMM108 and AMM112 feature a distinct advantage over other point-and-shoot loudspeaker designs: the new, proprietary Bose Beamwidth Matching Waveguide. This waveguide ensures signature Bose sound quality, delivering consistent frequency response, clarity and projection across the coverage area. Located just behind the grille, the waveguide seals the acoustic volume of the woofer and features a unique vent pattern that controls low-frequency dispersion, aligning the low- and high-frequency beamwidths at crossover. The result is wide-band, symmetrical sound coverage — and a remarkably powerful audio experience for both performers and audiences.

Providing low-frequency extension down to 35 Hz and 130 dB peak output, the companion AMS115 subwoofer features a 15-inch neodymium transducer, lightweight enclosure and integrated M20 threaded pole mount, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications. This enables system designers and installers to combine an AMM108 loudspeaker with the AMS115 for front-of-house applications or the AMM112 loudspeaker for fill applications; or pair the AMM112 loudspeaker with the ShowMatch SMS118 subwoofer for higher-output extended-bandwidth systems. Additionally, pairing with Bose PowerMatch amplifiers and ControlSpace DSP provides optimal performance and loudspeaker protection, as well as consistent voicing with AM and AMU models.

“Our new AMM multipurpose loudspeaker line offers the output, versatility and clarity users need across a variety of applications,” commented Adam Shulman, market category lead for installed sound at Bose Professional. “Each loudspeaker features a multi-position enclosure, a number of mounting options and a compelling acoustic package, providing peak flexibility and practical ergonomics for use in a range of audio environments. This versatility means that you get optimal performance as stage monitors, mains or fills, yet they are compact and lightweight.”


  • AMM108 Multipurpose Loudspeaker — Passive, coaxial two-way design with a 1.7-inch compression driver and 8-inch woofer; delivers 110° x 60° coverage with 128 dB peak output; weighs only 29 pounds (13 kilograms) with integrated handle design and 35-millimeter pole socket, with six integrated M10 threaded inserts.
  • AMM112 Multipurpose Loudspeaker — Coaxial two-way design with a 3-inch compression driver and 12-inch woofer; delivers 110° x 60° coverage with 131 dB peak output; weighs only 49 pounds (22 kilograms) with integrated carrying handles and 35-millimeter pole socket, with seven integrated M10 threaded inserts.
  • AMS115 Multipurpose Subwoofer — 15-inch transducer with low-frequency extension down to 35 Hz and 130 dB peak output; weighs 63 pounds (28 kilograms) and is designed with an integrated M20 threaded pole mount and 12 M10 threaded inserts for suspension in permanent installations.


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